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The best  day i ever had




 Mike Row -Voices 

Jay Wasco - Music & more voices

We like this recording so much that we put it on two different albums.         

Note: Please don't  get stupid ideas upon listening to this.


Recorded  circa 1988-91 at Giant Rehearsal studios in NYC

Copyright 1991





YOY  YOY  YOY  YOY YOY  YOY  YOY  ---                                                            Yes, its a concert of theatrical insainity                                                                                              Eat Some- Throw Some                                                                                                                       You're just starting your oddyssey man                                                                                                                            remember those ducks in the park???                                                                                                                       I'm in a band see                                                                                        my lights are out                                                                                                                          you dig? - you dig? - you dig? - you dig?                                                                                                                         put on a blue shirt                                                                             a blue shirt works best                                                                                          nice badge officer