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johnny skilsaw

stuffed and motorized

listener comment: johnny skilsaw's "stuffed and motorized" is right up there with other ground-breaking masterpieces like the pixies' "surfer rosa," king crimson's "discipline" or sleepy-time gorilla museum's "grand openings and closings." i still maintain that the johnny skilsaw version of "i am the walrus" is the best cover of any beatles' song by any artist. the rest is history...





johnny skilsaw

blood lead

listener comment:   after listening to my favorites on "stuffed and motorized" i am even more blown away by the contents of "blood lead."  less aggressive, but more powerful.  funny how that works at times.  must be those beatles' influences .  deep dark red, carnal sleep, sardonia and midnight hangman are top choices.



the flying shelsons

100 % pure sickness

the lead off track "the best day i ever had" is arguably the finest sick recording ever made, so good that they put it on two lps.

because it requires an attention span, the genus of the flying shelsons (musical & comedic ) is certainly not for every one, but it should be. the tracks on this lp play out like a wonderful obscure comic book engaging your visual cortex like an old time radio show. great for future a&r guys & long car ridesaight up.



the flying shelsons

the diving board and other chronicles of the end

the flying shelsons' timeless and prophetic take on media driven voluntary mass suicide. eclectic music and side splitting humor stitch together the tall tail of the lefsky brothers and their plight to create "a fresh alternative to the mundane lie". "the diving board is defiantly  a classic work of audio genius" says  chuck spalato  of lake ronkonkoma ny



jay wasco

egotar ep

jay wasco takes us down easy street for a change with the soothing sounds of one of his various musical inventions/innovations, "the egotar."

the instrument(s) is heard solo accompanied only by the sound of wasco's voice on familiar classic songs like "rocket man" or "my one and only love."  the sound of the egotar is unique and amazingly  lush for a contraption so low tech and  home spun. "someday every man, woman and child will play "the egotar" even if i have to force them  to" says  wasco.  this ep is a precursor for a full lp of classic, familiar cover songs due out  spring of 2007..





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