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     FAT  MAN
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Stuffed  & Motorized                                                                     
  From the    
  Johnny Skilsaw  
Written by Jay Wasco  
Copyright  2004
Recorded at Hermit Village, Henry Street, NYC circa 1996
Jay Wasco - Swiss Army Bass, many vocals and twisted sound fx  
Nick Dicorato - Much drums, and more cymbals 
  Recorded & produced by JW
Re tweaked & enhanced spring "02 at The Cottage in Easton CT 

Fat Man


When the Fat Man comes

All the music gets left for dead

Oh no


Big and sad and hollow

The work in progress of a blossoming saint with his tuba slung around

And around round-round-round

Gotta roll


Bigger fish to swallow

Take a meeting in the conference room about popsicles and ghosts

And the big words fly and the fat man has to roll



Gotta roll

Uh Oh-Oh NO

Biting down doing donuts round the other guy 



Gotta roll


(from Bram Stokers novel "Dracula")


"The branch of wild rose on his coffin

keep him that he not move from it

and as for the stake we know already of it's peace

or the cut off head that giveith rest"



Copyright 2004 Jay Wasco

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Album Stuffed and Motorized


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Fat Man  (single)
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