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Jay Wasco - Music

Johnny Skilsaw         Stuffed & Motorized LP
purchase includes full LP mp3  plus all LP single mp3s    


Death Of A Cynic -single

Fat Man
Something Bad
Swollen Ocean
All The Impossible
I Am The Walrus
Midnight Dragon
A Cornucopia of Pain
iJay Wasco- Egotar EP
Rocket Man
Attics Of My Life
My One And Only Love
Live MP3s
Shining On You
Video here


Johnny Skilsaw    Blood Lead  LP
purchase includes full LP mp3  plus all LP single mp3s  
Big Bad Bounce
Industry Swine
Midnight Hanged Man
Carnal Sleep
Mrs. Mercury
Deep Dark Red
The Corpse That You Are
The Dog Named No
The Flying Shelsons
100% Pure Sickness  LP
This is comedy - don't  piss yourself
The Best Day I Ever Had
Talk Of America
The Execution Of Mr. Met
Law Office
Basketball Fan


The Flying Shelsons     The Diving Board LP  



The Best Day I Ever Had
The Diving Board
Cream The Milkman

"Classical" Shit -
Concert For Two Pianos
Mozart K563 Divermento trio 1st mvmt.


Christmas Etude (for Trumpets and French Horns)
Divingbordus Maximus
King Hell Piano Bummer
Monster Death Requiem
Too Big To Fly
Bach Violin Concerto
Carmel (strings)
Carmel (guitar)
Alcohol Fire (it's pretty)
Kickboxing Advert Scum
The Farm
Untitled Waltz
Frankenberry Mother Fucker
Frankenberry Outro
Kinsey 10% String Experiment
Jim Dose A Swan Dive
Heartless Children Of The Planetarium God
Carnal Sleep (Orchestral)
NY Skyline 4AM
Captain Barzono
Captain Barzono (Early Years)
Don't Feed These Animals